We introduce you 12PM, a line brand of META FORET.


12PM of METAFORET means the “12 pm” when the phytoncide is most released from the forest, and it is a skincare line expressing METAFORET’s direction to reach closer to skin healing.

Experience the maximum vitality and resilience of the forest, which breaths for exhausted skin.


Different standard to find the perfect time for skin,
You can find it in 12PM, META FORET!


  • The value of no scent, giving the rest to the skin.
While a product with good scent can give a good feeling to the user, it can cause troubles for the skin. META FORET has removed as much scent as possible except the natural fragrance, so as not to make the skin sensitive.
  • EWG, components selected after demanding assessment.

META FORET, a brand of green ingredients that that have been verified as EWG, completing the hazard test, has been recognized as safer product using green level ingredients certified by EWG, a NGO in the U.S.